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Music-Box, Table-Top Christmas Tree
Made from Research Products Filter Fry Aluminum

When Dorothy Haines saw a picture of East High School art teacher Garland Smith it reminded her that he had brought into the East Side News newspaper office in 1954 a music box table-top aluminum Christmas tree made with foil sold by Research Products. She kept the tree all these years and has now given the tree to the HBGHS. It will be on display at the Dean House during the holidays. Dorothy also located an article she wrote about the tree for the Dec. 9, 1954 East Side News.

"After a life-time of inventing, in addition to a career as an art teacher at East High school, Garland B. Smith is having the pleasure of seeing one of his inventions turned out in mass production at the rate of 900 a day, and marketed in all parts of the country. The new item is an adorable little 19" green and silver aluminum Christmas tree - of centerpiece size-which stands on a base containing a music box (made by Thorens in Switzerland) which plays "Silent Night" while the tree turns slowly to twinkle in reflected light. It is similar in appearance to a tree he first designed about 6 years ago that contained a light bulb in the center and had to be plugged in and had no music box. Those trees were produced by the Hankscraft company in limited numbers, and when aluminum became scarce during the Korean war, production was discontinued.

"Each of the new trees is made of three triangular pieces of expandable aluminum mesh which have been ruffled in perfect proportion so that when crimped around a wire and stood on end, a well-filled-out cone-shaped tree is formed. Mr. Smith designed a machine to do the ruffling.

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Volume 40, No. 2          December, 2012

Christmas Open House: Bring your table-top Christmas trees

Please join us on Sunday December 9th for our annual Christmas Open House. Bring your table-top Christmas tree to be displayed - especially if you have one of Mr. Smith's models. (see article to the left)

We have invited Cheryl Saltzman to play holiday tunes on her harp throughout the afternoon. The Board will be furnishing yummy Christmas treats and the beautifully decorated house will be open for tours. "Santa" will be on the back porch in his cutter filled with presents.

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