Historic Blooming Grove Historical Society Newsletter
September, 2001

Evaluation Day to Be Sept. 29th -- 9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.

People seeking information about their treasures may learn from experts when they bring their collected and saved items to the Dean House Back Porch on Saturday, September 29.

Experts in fifteen categories of such items will donate their time to share their expertise with the visitors. A donation of $3 per item will go to the Dean House support.

Long before the PBS TV series Antiques Roadshow became popular, the Dean House had begun offering this popular event. Each year many interesting items have been lovingly offered up for consideration. The items range from stamps to small furniture that has been collected and from Civil War Memorabilia to depression ware in age.

Many of the evaluators have become regulars at the event year after year. We talked with some of them last year to learn the extent of their experience. Most of them have professional experience or have been involved in their hobby for many years.

Nick Weber, a teacher in Sun Prairie, has been interested in all aspects of the military, including books and shows about World War 11. His father and his uncle first interested him with their stories of World War 11. He attends shows and belongs to organizations with special interests like patches and medals. He has a collection of swords and German medals.

Mike Rortvedt of DeForest likes all kinds of fishing and hunting items, such as decoys and lures.

Retired Monona teacher George Durnford has a notable collection of cut glass and etched glass and has traveled and researched the subject all over the country.. He serves on the identification committee of the American Cut Glass Association. He says he got started on the hobby because he admired the workmanship involved in the creation of the pieces.

The toy expert, Ed Wilson, has been collecting toys for some 3 S years and is retired industrial arts teacher in Sun Prairie. He is particularly fond of collecting mechanical toys, but likes looking at whatever is brought to his attention.

Jean Dent, long-time furnishings chair and board member at the Dean House, is especially interested in china, but is knowledgeable in many categories. She is co-chair of estate sales for the Bethel Parish Shoppe.

Lois Jarvis is a long-time quilting instructor at MATC and has wide knowledge about the various quilt patterns of antiquity.

Others volunteering to share their expertise that day are Irving Piliavan, stamps; Lorraine Hayden, textiles; Adrian Stransky, post cards; Gary Adler, Civil War items; Wayne Kiefer, clocks and small appliances, Lorraine Hayden, textiles, and Phillip Croom, small furniture.

The Dean House docents will be on hand to guide visitors through the Dean House and will have historical information available.

This is an important fund-raising event for the Society. We need help from the membership. The best way to help is to publicize the event. How?

WORD-OF-MOUTH: Talk about it with your friends and neighbors. and encourage them to come. The price is nominal so we need many participants. Items that people have kept from the past, or that their parents or grandparents have kept, whether of great monetary value or rarity or not, have some interesting background that the evaluators might be able to tell you about. We have listed the categories that the evaluators are known to have knowledge about, but some of them have general information about antiques and might be able to help the owner with an item in another group.

POST THE POSTER: printed on page 3. We have provided a poster detailing the specifics about the Evaluation Day on Page 3 of this issue. Please cut it off and take it to some location that you frequent -an ofce, retail establishment, beauty salon or social center - for posting. Take some thumb tacks and scotch tape along so you can post it yourself, if given permission.

Second Sunday Open House to Feature House History Search

How to learn about the history of your house or your land will be the featured focus of the Second Sunday Open House on October 14. Board member Ann Waidelich attended a State Historical Society Workshop on this subject this summer and will relay what she learned there. A brief presentation will be made at 3:00 p.m. and handouts of printed material will be available throughout the afternoon.

But even if you don't want to learn house history, there is a lot of interest for all ages.

Board Is Elected at Annual Meeting

At the annual meeting of the Historic Blooming Grove Historical Society in June, election of Board members was held, with the result that Helen Cattell, Alice Schuller and Robert Schuster were elected to three-year terms and Ann Waidelich was elected to to fill out the remaining two years of the position occupied by Catherine Gedko who resigned.

Other members of the Board are Allan Burling, Don and Judy Taylor and Dorothy Haines, who have one year remaining, and Gloria Simley and Helen Wentland who have two years remaining.
At their meeting in July the Board elected their officers, who are Jim Stickels, president; Allan Burling, vice President,;Don Taylor, treasurer, and Dorothy Haines, secretary.

Retiring from the Board are Marie and Bill Rider, who had served from the beginning of the organization, and Jean Dent, a long-time board member who continues as furnishings chair.

New Note Cards Feature New Dean House Picture

A new drawing of the present Dean House, showing the recently added front porch and front walkway, was produced this summer, arid is for sale at the HBGHS corner shop in the Dean House. The 5-U2 x 4" card, printed in brown ink on ivory paper, is a folder that shows the house on the front, the State Historical marker and a description of the Dean House on the back and is blank inside for the sender's communication.

The artistic rendition - the first since the porch was added -- was contributed by Jack Jerred, a graphic artist. He worked from his photo of the house for the picture, but reproduced the actual photograph of the State marker for the back. The Society is very appreciative of Jerred's contribution.

The cards were printed at Insty-Prints on Monona Drive. They are packaged with matching envelopes in packets of ten and sell for $4.00 per packet. Proceeds go to the Dean House.

Corner Shop Displays Several Items for Sale

Continuing on sale is the Society's publication, "The Making of Monona," which begins with the secession of the Village of Monona in 1938. A history of earlier days in the Monona area, beginning with the days before European settlement, had been published in 1996 in Historic Madison Journal. That issue of the Journal is now on sale at the Dean House Corner Shop @$3.00. Footsteps Through the Past, a 1976 HBGHS publication about the area's early settlers, continues to be available, to add to the historic picture of the area.

Another shop item: hand-crocheted dish rags. When she isn't busy arranging displays at the mouse; o-ar older Judy Taylor assumes the role of a 19'' century housewife and crochets absorbent dish "rags" and places them on sale at the corner shop at the cost of $1.. It seems that they are in demand, because they have been disappearing.

Ann Waidelich donated candles that she made at Historic Preservation week and they are also on sale with the gifts. There are several colors; they sell for $1.00 each. Historic Photo Show at Parker Jewelry.

John Parker Hendrickson is holding his semi-annual historical photo show on Saturday, Sept 29 and Sunday, Sept 30, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Parker Jewelry store on the square. This show will feature photos and publications from Dane County's local historical societies. HBGHS will display its publications in the show. The public is welcome to this free showing.

Dean House Calendar

Sept. 29 - 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - Evaluation Day
Oct. 8 - 7:00 p.m. HBGHS Board Meeting
Oct. 14 - 2:00-4:00 p.m. - Open House -Archives week
Nov. 11- 2:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m. Open House -visit with Dean House artists
Nov. 12 - 7:00 p.m. HBGHS Board Meeting
Dec. 9 - 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. Holiday Open House--entertainment and salute to retired board members
Dec. 10 - 7:00 p.m. HBGHS Board Meeting

HBGH Society Launches Area Web Site
The address is http://www.wlhn.org/daneco/hbg, Check it out--learn more about your Society, its needs and accomplishments.

On 9-11-01 Uncle Sam called 911-And we were left weeping for days and our flags at half mast.



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