Nathaniel Dean House

Nathaniel Dean House


Historic Blooming Grove Historical Society


4718 Monona Drive, Madison, Wisconsin

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The Dean House Project

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The Hiestand-McKenna Bedroom

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The Historic Blooming Grove Historical Society maintains the 1856 Nathaniel W. Dean House as a living museum. Furnishings reflect the life of a gentleman farmer and his family during the last half of the Nineteenth Century in Wisconsin. Scheduled events focus on the daily routines and significant occasions of the family, ranging from wash days to celebrations of the Christmas season.

The Dean House project is ongoing. The Society continues to seek period furnishings with ties to historic Blooming Grove Township and to support the study of the Wisconsin family during the Victorian Age, developing exhibits and re-enactments to bring it to life.

Although donations are requested to support the project, all Dean House events are free to the public.

The Dean House provides an illustrated tour of the second floor bedrooms and exhibit room for those unable to utilize the museum's staircases.

Welcome to the Nathaniel Dean House: A History and Self-Guided Tour now available through the Historic Blooming Grove Historical Society store.

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