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Photograph of Madison-Kipp Corporation

201 Waubesa Steet

In 1902 two fledgling lubricator companies, one from Madison and one from Rochelle, IIIinois, merged to become the Madison-Kipp Co. In 1903 the firm moved to new quarters on Waubesa Street and began production of mechanical devices to lubricate large engines. In 1904 the Coleman family purchased the plant, and it remains in their hands to this day. The company's capabilities expanded greatly during WWI, and by 1918 the firm equipped two-thirds of all the steam and gas tractors in the United States. In the 1920's it began the production of zinc and aluminum die casting machines, and In the 1930's it developed a pneumatic grinder. Lubricators, die casters and grinders became the three major products of the firm, which saw its greatest production during the Second World War. There was a saying then: "If you live west of the Yahara River, you probably have never heard of Madison-Kipp; and if you live east of the river, you probably work there." Today the company employs 600 people. The large plant at 2824 Atwood Avenue was built as the Four Lakes Ordinance Company during WWI and was purchased by Madison-Kipp in 1937.

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